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Music Lover. im no hood rat, im a trust fund baby.

My favorite love movie of all time is "Jason's Lyrics" and the Pinic in paris was the hottest scene ever!!!!!!!!

My goal before i turn 25 is to have a session or hot box with Snoop Dogg!

I'm a big sucka for yellow tulips.

Young Jeezy And Trina are my favorite rappers

when I'm bored i become destructive, somthing has to be destroyed.

I hate it we my fellow "fat people" use there size as an asscuse not to do something or not to try somthing

Any rims over 22" is really uncalled for!!!!!!!

I Believe the entire Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" Album was a narration my love life in that year it came out.

I dont ever wanna leave San Diego ever again (unless it's just 2 vist)

I've driven my parents Mercades from time 2 time

I turned my pet mouse into a "pothead" how gangster.

I'm so flipping wired but loveable. i'm a "loveable-wiredo" lmbo
Exploding Food
The World’s Tallest Bridge
Outlet Stickers
Rainbows of Light
Carbon Fiber Daggers
Matrix Style
Luxury Yacht For Concerts
Exploding Food
Blending Paint
Wolverine vs. Dali
Bonsai Tree Castles
LEGO: “Imagine” Campaign
Liu Bolin – Lost in Art